• KSh450.00

Fantasy Fiction For Teens

This story is for children aged 11-15 years (Standard 6-form 2). It is an African fantasy fiction book.

Themes: Betrayal, hierarchy, and self-identity

Twelve-year-old Joe does not know if he’s human or not. His is a world of wizards and green people and magic. In a world where a lack of identity is seen as a threat to the species, Joe must decide whether he is human or alien…but at what cost?Joe and his best friend, Oak, are being trained by their mentor, Master Leaf, to join the secret war against the cruel and oppressive humans. They are joined by Emerald, a beautiful and powerful Greenori princess, who hates humans and wants revenge for the murder of her parents. But as the war becomes deadlier, and Joe and Emerald become closer, tension builds up. Joe is suspected as a traitor and a spy for the humans. Soon, Joe must make a decision about his identity and which side he will really choose.

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