The Firemakers of Azali

The Firemakers of Azali

  • KSh450.00

Fantasy Fiction For Teens

This story is for children aged 11-15 years (Standard 6-form 2). It is an African fantasy fiction book.

Themes: Ancestry, Fear, anxiety, and pride

On the night before Christmas, David and his three siblings are listening to their uncle telling traditional stories. They do not know when they fall asleep, but when they wake up, they are inside the story in a land of animal kingdoms and angry ancestors where humans vanished long ago. Befriended by a zebra and monkey in this strange land, the four children embark on a mission to find their way back home. David then discovers he is a descendant of a long-lost warrior who bares an uncanny resemblance to the hero in his school play. It's clear their coming was no accident. They are forced into the impending battles between the lion clans and leopard armies. With a war, no weapons, few friends and little time left, they must unravel the secrets that link Azali to the human world before the anger of the ancestors boils over. Will they succeed?

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