Joseph’s Letters

Joseph’s Letters

  • KSh342.00

Stories that teach life skills

This stories are for children aged 12 -14 years (Standard 7-8). It is a book that helps children learn, develop resilience and self-identity.

Joseph Miremba is a 12- year old Ugandan schoolboy. Through a pen-pal programme, he starts writing to Nimara de Silva, a 12-year old girl studying in a Sri Lankan Catholic School. Nimara starts a letter-writing campaign. She writes to the leader of Rebel Army and to influential leaders around the world begging for Joseph's release. She recruits her school friends, teachers and even total strangers from around the world to write the letters. In the meantime, Joseph struggles to survive as a child soldier. Will Nimara's campaign bear any fruit? Will Joseph ever be set free?

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