The Other Side & Other Stories

The Other Side & Other Stories

  • KSh342.00

Zawadi Series Stories that teach life skills 

These are series of stories for children aged 12 -14 years (Standard 7-8). They help teenage  children handle  challenges. 

Zawadi envies her friend Dorothy whose mother is a teacher and father, a businessman at Gachie shopping centre. Dorothy has many dresses, pairs of shoes and bags. Zawadi’s shoes and clothes are only replaced when they can no longer be repaired. Zawadi is unhappy when she compares herself with Dorothy. Dorothy has a birthday party but she deliberately hides Zawadi’s invitation card. Zawadi cheats her mother about borrowing a book from Dorothy. She gatecrashes into the party only to be confronted with an ugly scene. The truth dawns on her. Read the story to see what Zawadi found out!

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